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N.B: We use all the latest HDV technology, in order to satisfy your needs at reasonable rates.

We are distinguished by our ability to deliver our work fast without compromising on quality.

videoscop1photoscop1The fotorama studio is composed of professional photographers and video cameramen with long experience in filming and videotaping marriages and christenings.
Our modern equipment and the investment of our company in digital cameras, ensure bright photo backgrounds, clarity and excellent reception quality.
The artistic expression and realistic representation are the two elements we combine, for the best possible results in the representation of your special moments


About marriage

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Furthermore, • Digital album for the parents, dimension 20 x 20 , • Photo and video coverage of the bridal house
• Photo and video coverage of groom preparation, • Video of the story of your life
• Photo book with pictures from your honeymoon, • Next day shooting (on location)
• Wedding video in Blue Ray (HD resolution), • Wedding video clip with your favorite song



About Christening

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Video shooting in the wedding reception area


Photographing objects for advertising

Any small or “insignificant” object or any other set of objects, which would be difficult to be transferred can be easily photographed on the spot without compromising on quality.


Professional photography

Our photographic equipment is also ideal for architectural photography. We can photograph any building, commercial space, restaurant e.t.c


Hotel photography

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Photographing hotels, big or small complexes, requires high specialization.


Digital image processing

Retouch, color correction, removal of background, figure extraction, red -eye correction, compositions.


SVHS, VHS, 8mm, Hi8, MiniDV, Digital 8, VHS C, DVCAM, DVCPRO

Do not wait any longer. Your family videotapes get destroyed after a certain time.
The average life of a videotape is 6-7 years depending on storage conditions.
The DVD has a lifespan of 100-200 years.


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