Wedding anniversary and vow renewal


It is always worth it! Either you have been 10, 20 or 30 … years married, it is a reward and recognition day, so it is a holiday.

Very often couples celebrate their anniversaries holding a reception with close friends and relatives. For many it is a kind of gift offered to each other and shared with the near and loved ones.
In these valuable moments of gratitude and inspiration the Greek islands, with their light and landscape, offer the perfect scenery .


Vow renewal

The vow renewal is a unique event for married couples. They celebrate the years of their life together in marriage and renew their commitment and their faith in each other. The vow renewal may coincide with a wedding anniversary.

Greece is a unique destination for renewing your vows offering ideal locations throughout the year. It is the country of the four seasons and also one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Once you are already married, avoid formalities and enjoy a good time whenever you decide it.

The FOTORAMA studio will be by your side ready to capture the best moments of your life with photos or videos that will treasure for ever.