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Welcome to Fotorama

Our whizzy equipment and our multi-year experience in event services, constitute a guarantee that we will be able to deliver any need and expectation of yours, so that you can keep alive forever the most important moments of your life.


Artistic expression and realistic depiction are the two elements we try to unite, so that we can offer you the best possible result.


We ensure you that your video shooting will have bright backgrounds, clarity and excellent shooting quality, because of The modern equipment and the investment of our company in digital cameras.


Digital Image Processing Retouching, coloring, corrections, changing background, isolating faces, red-eye correction, compositions.


We provide the most modern machines for printing photos on paper, but also, we are able to print on canvas, wood, metal, puzzles, etc.

Wedding Photos

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Baptism Photos

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Hotel Photos

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About us..

We have been operating since 1994 with high quality services and respect for your wishes.

If we add our excellent training in the use of digital advanced technology, then the result will justify us as your best choice.

You create priceless moments and we keep them unchanged over time.

Our headquarters are in Milos.
We are located in Pera Triovasalos, on the Karodromos road in the parking lot, next to the Primary School.
We can cover your needs in all the Western Cyclades, as long as you inform us as soon as possible.

Contact us

we can get to know each other and discuss up closely what you have imagined for your own photo shooting or video recording.