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Important : We use the best HDV technology in order to meet your every need at a very low cost.

We provide our services fastly and immediately but never rushed or incompleted.

Fotorama consists of professional photographers and videographers with long experience in videotaping of weddings and baptisms.
The modern equipment and the investment of our company in digital cameras, ensure you bright backgrounds, clarity and excellent shooting quality.
Artistic expression and realistic depiction are the two elements we try to unite, in order to offer you the best possible result in depicting your special moments.

About Wedding

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• Digital Album for parents, dimensions 20 X 20

• Photography and video coverage of the “bed”

• Photography and video coverage of the groom’s preparation

• Video with the story of your life

• Photobook with photos of honeymoon

• Next day photography (by area)

• Wedding Video Recording in Blue Ray (HD resolution)

• Wedding Video Clip with your favorite song

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About Baptism

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• Video recording at the celebrating area

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είδη δώρων
Advertising Photography of Objects

From the smallest and “insignificant” object to the large sets of objects that are difficult to transport, we are able to photoshoot them comfortably and without problems or quality degradation, anywhere you wish.

Professional photography

with the appropriate photographic equipment that we have for architectural photography, we take on photographs of spaces, buildings, stores (restaurants, clubs), multipurpose spaces, etc.

φωτογράφηση επιχειρήσεων
Οι υπηρεσίες μας στα ξενοδοχεία
Hotel photoshooting

The hotel photoshooting, either for small or large hotels, it is a completely specialized category of photoshooting.

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